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Welcome to Patagonia, where time is art.

chess tournament in Antu Kuyen

Antu Kuyen

Cultural Center, Teahouse, Free camping
Puerto Bonito, Epuyen lake, Chubut, Argentina


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The valley of Epuyen is surrounded by three mountains: the Co´hue (place with water), the Epuyen (two that go) and the Pirque (big stone). The Pirque is the biggest massive of Patagonia. From Lake Epuyen runs the Río Epuyen surrounding the whole Pirque until the Lake Puelo of where she crosses the mountain range of the Andes to enter the Pacific. With enormous effort the inhabitants could block hidraulic and mining projects in the area.

13 moon workshop in Epuyen

Mother Earth has called a great variety of people to Epuyen to help with her selfhealing. Thus we find in this ecological nuclear free village a non authoritarian high school (semi-presence) and various free workshops in the cultural center, snowgarden and the Peace Garden where you can study the 13 moon calendar. The direct exchange is one of the foundations of our regional economy. Post-globalized, post-kapitalistic and post-industrial are we ready for a bright future.

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