El tiempo en El Bolsón
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El Bolsón is just magical by nature

At each dawn as it appears from out of the mists in the valley, every evening when it dissolves away in golden sparkles, on each winter morning when the snow covers the mountain tops in silence and every night when millions of stars light up in the black vault which holds up the mountains…

El Bolsón carries magic in the air and this magic is contagious: it throbs within those who live here and, also, in those who pass through because… whoever passes through can only feel more alive and those who live here… well they are also just passing through.

El Bolsón and the surrounding region

The surrounding area, or La Comarca as it is called locally, is made up of several different communities which make their living from various agricultural and cattle raising activities. All the localities are closely linked to each other by economy, social life and cultural activities. The main activities are jam and beer making, crafts, organic produce and tourism.

For further information about the neighbouring localities which make up the surrounding area, please visit the following links:

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El Bolsón

Acceso norte a la ciudad

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El Maitén

Ruta desde El Bolsón a El Maitén

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El Bolsón

Bosque tallado

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Vista del lago Epuyén

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El Bolsón

Bajada acceso sur a la ciudad

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El Bolsón

Cerro Perito Moreno

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El Bolsón

Plaza Pagano en primavera

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